The Bandar Group

Innovation in Strong Base Chemistry

October 2019

Our trifluoromethylarene allylation paper has been spotlighted in JACS! Click here to read it.

August 2019

Our work on fluoride-initiated allylsilane coupling reactions with trifluoromethylarenes has been accepted in JACS! Click here to read it.

July 2019

We welcome postdoctoral researcher Dr. Tyler Reidl to the Bandar group! Tyler joins us from Professor Laura Anderson’s research group at University of Illinois at Chicago.

June 2019

We welcome CSU undergraduate Callie Slaughter to the research group!

January 2019

Our work on the catalytic deuteration of styrenes was accepted in JACS - congrats to Tom and Alivia! Click here to read it.

December 2018

We welcome graduate student Steve Sujansky to the Bandar Group!

Spencer defended his Masters thesis and is joining Array BioPharma in January. Good luck, Spencer!

Jeff has been selected as a 2019 Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardee. Click here to read about the award.

June 2018

Our alcohol addition work has been featured in Synform (here) and highlighted in Synfacts (here)!

MAY 2018

Jess Hendsey joins the group as a summer NSF-REU researcher from College of the Holy Cross - welcome!

Chaosheng's Synpacts review in Synlett has been accepted for publication!

We say goodbye to undergraduate students Ryann and Eliana for the summer - see you next year!

February 2018

The group's first paper has been published in JACS! Congratulations to Chaosheng! Click here to read it.

January 2018

Undergraduate students Ryann Daly, Eliana Okeson and Alivia Strong join the group!

December 2017

Graduate students Spencer Pajk, Tom Puleo and Shawn Wright join the group!

September 2017

The Bandar Lab is officially open and we welcome postdoctoral researchers Dr. Chaosheng Luo and Dr. Zisong Qi.